Golden Deglet Noor dates are harvested at the appropriate state of maturity, cleaned, sorted, packed, metal detected, inspected and loaded in refrigerated containers for export to the U.S.A.
All Golden Deglet Noor Dates are hand pitted individually thereby ensuring highest quality and best taste. Grown under ideal conditions in the Saharan desert, Golden Deglet Noor dates are of the highest quality in the world. 

Tended for centuries, their golden color, texture, and outstanding sweet taste set them apart from the rest. Rich in vitamins and minerals, dates are an excellent source of fiber and high energy for good health. As a healthful snack, dates have no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are rich in fiber and potassium. 

A perfect ingredient when used in baked foods, dairy products, cereals, and confections.
We think you'll agree- Golden Dates are in a class of their own.

Golden Dates pass strict quality control by FDA, USDA and meet American Agricultural Marketing Standards. Dates may be man's oldest cultivated fruit. They have been the staff of life to millions of people in western Asia, the middle east and northern Africa for thousands of years.

Dates differ in taste, size, shape, color and texture but the best dessert dates are produced in
the oasis of El Jerrid, Tunisia, on the edge of the Sahara.

The oasis's macro-climatic conditions,
with the date palm's top under a dry tropical sun and its roots in cool pure water, produce a fruit
of superb quality. The date tree population in Tunisia nears 3 million.

Dates are grown mainly around the oasis of Tozeur, Kebili and Tamerza. These "Date Gardens" can be traditional, cultivating many varieties of dates, or they can be modern, specializing the Deglet
Noor variety. Since 1970, Tunisia is the world's leading date producer.
The country has taken precautions to help protect the date tree population and also to continue the date tree population prospers.

A few initiatives are :

- Rejuvenating the date palm population
- Increasing the Deglet Noor production
- Modernizing the packing houses
- Improving the quality control. Tunisia is the biggest producer of dates in the world,
and the first producer of dessert dates, beyond doubt Deglet Noor's mother land.

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